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We are an agriculture company that specializes in the production of conventional and organic varieties of sweet potato. Located in the Valley of Comayagua, Honduras, we annually grow more than 600 hectares with high yields.

As a member of Group A y R, we are a strategic partner for our sister companies, ensuring a continuous supply of high-quality fresh products that meet the standards of food excellence and traceability required by international markets.

About Semig

In Semig, each harvest has a story to tell. Our tropical climate offers the ideal conditions to produce crops year-round, allowing us to engage in an economic activity that generates employment opportunities that benefit hundreds of Honduran families and promotes the rural economy. Aware that the sustainability of our business depends on the environmental viability of our practices, we strive to efficiently manage our resources.

Our Mission

To be a strategic partner for our agroindustrial clients in the successful development of their businesses, offering them certified high-quality agricultural products, grown under sustainable agriculture practices that guarantee food safety, traceability and creation of shared value.

Our Values






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